Save Energy With a fresh Boiler

How long has your existing boiler been in your house? Was it there before you moved in, and do you know how energy efficient it is?
When you buy or renovate a house, you tend to focus on the visual aspects and immediate safety concerns. Loose wires that hang down from the ceiling are a top priority, but once your home is structurally sound should a new lick of paint really be next on your list?

About 60% of the energy that’s used in your home is used to power your boiler. It provides heating and hot water, both of which are basic requirements. Yet, despite their importance, boilers are hidden in cupboards; out of sight, out of mind. The average family could save £300 a year by installing a new boiler, replacing one that’s less energy efficient with a new A-rated model. Efficient boilers also produce less carbon dioxide, making them better for the environment.

Installing a new condenser boiler means that there’s less chance of the heat escaping, and more chance of it being used to warm your home. Buying an installing a new boiler will cost money initially, but you’ll then begin to experience the immediate savings that will eventually cover the cost.
If you’re considering arranging boiler installation for your home, then be sure to get quotes from the professionals. Compare quotes from multiple boiler installers, and check that they have the correct certification and safety qualifications before you book your boiler installation to begin your energy saving.

Whether you’re trying to arrange boiler installation, or organising servicing, it could be hard to get around the lists of engineers available online and in printed web directories. To find the best deals and the most efficient service, consider these three tips for booking boiler installation.

1. Book before you need to…
Most people only remember their boiler as the nights start closing in and temperatures begin to fall. Then, they rush to book their boiler installation or service at the same time as anyone else. The engineers have packed schedules in winter, dealing with broken boilers and people that want theirs checked, so it can be hard to find an appropriate time to book your visit. Engineers might also raise their prices in line with high demand. Book in the summer months and you’re likely to benefit from lower prices, and a nice empty calendar.

2. Compare at Least Three Quotes
Contact a few boiler engineers, give them the same job specification and let them get back to you with quotes for their work. They’ll vary. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for a breakdown of their quote if it’s not provided, or to tell them if you’ve found a cheaper quote elsewhere in case they can match it.

New Boiler Installation Essex

3. Find an Approved Boiler Engineer
Fitting, installing or repairing a boiler is a job that should only be carried out by professionals. It’s important to check that the engineer you choose has all the necessary safety qualifications. They should also be covered by insurance, in case something goes wrong. Never settle for an engineer that can’t provide this information, or doesn’t have insurance.
If you’re looking for someone to install a boiler, consider looking at Master Gas London who is a new boiler installation Essex approved boiler engineer. Never accept a quote instantly – taking time to sit down and consider things properly will allow you to make the most rational decision.

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